Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Flounder Recipes

Flounder begin biting in the spring and are a popular fish for anglers due to their value on the table. Flounder are a white, mild fish that fits into many quick and easy recipes.

In the northern part of their range on the Atlantic Coast, summer flounder are often known as fluke. Summer flounder range down to the Carolinas, while their cousins the southern flounder can be found in inshore waters from the Carolinas through the Gulf Coast.

Flounder lie on the bottom of the ocean floor and are often caught by drifting or casting live bait. As a food fish flounder are delicate and shouldn't be overcooked. Some folks prefer them to any other fish.

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Spring Bluefish Recipes

Bluefish begin to show up on the piers and shores of the Carolinas in March. They are an aggressive and feisty fish who love to hit bloody cut bait or flashy artificial lures.

Bluefish of all sizes can be caught by fishermen on Gotcha-style pencil plugs with red headed models being the most popular, as well as cut bait fished on the bottom or live baitfish. Bluefish have a somewhat poor reputation in the south as table fare because folks try to fry them up in oil. Cooked properly, however, they are a very good tasting fish with a nice distinctive flavor.

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Party Foods

It is getting close to summer and it will be time to have parties. Parties are not complete without nice platters and a variety of foods. These are a few articles that share recipes and ideas for party foods.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Baked Vegetables

If you are looking for a healthier option to serve as a side, consider this recipe. It has vegetables and olive oil. I use this recipe a lot, and my family loves it. It give them a variety of tasty vegetables, without the grease from frying. This is also a fairly inexpensive recipe, which is a big plus for a family.

How to Make Baked Vegetables With Olive Oil